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You Have Been Thinking About Podcasting But…

You don’t know where to start or what steps are required to turn that idea into a reality.

You have a lot of ideas to choose from and you don’t want to choose the wrong one.

Your fear of failure outweighs your fear of not getting started.

You’re not sure if you’re qualified.

You don’t want to let others down.

You’ve discovered others who have executed a similar idea.

You don’t have the resources you need to get started.

You’re just not sure if it’s going to work.

Do I Really Need a Mentor?

On a recent episode of the Podcast Review Show, we had a podcaster who had “jumped into” podcast without knowing the space (he came from Radio), and unfortunately was making mistakes on his recordings. He does a history show and unfortunately recorded 365 episodes wrong. He had started his podcast completely out of sequence.

Podcasting Has Been Growing for 11 Years

Million People in the US listen to podcasts Monthly


of Americans Own a Smart Phone


Audience Listens to Every Episode

Does Podcasting Work?

My Previous Best Month is Now My Average

Within a couple of months of launching we had an event where we ended up with 65 of our listeners to hangout and have an awesome time. We sold tickets to that event to directly monetize the podcast. By being in someone’s ears for 45 minutes a its made a significance to my bottom line. It’s enabled me to open up different services, it’s allowed me to bring on more staff, it’s really catapulted my business forward. What use to be my best month, is now my average

Loren & Fiona
Business Addicts


Business Addicts Podcast

Pat Flynn Grew His Audience by 19%

“If you just stick to your blog, you’re going to limit your reach. The growth of the blog started to plateau. It wasn’t growing and I wanted to reach more people.

When I surveyed my audience what was the #1 way they found me? Not Google, not Twitter or Facebook. It was iTunes and my podcast.

There is no connection like hearing someone’s voice. Big brands know this, that’s why people like Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman adding podcasting.

Pat Flynn – Blog World Presentation
Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income Podcast

Because of Podcasting…

Emily Morse had her show “Sex with Emily” picked up on FM Radio. She has also had a television show on Bravo.

Joanna Pen started off interviewing experts on book publishing, and now she is one

Keith and the Girl make a living doing a podcast out of their apartment in New York City

Marc Maron was able to interview the President of the United States in his Garage

Comedians are Selling More Tickets and booking bigger clubs because of a stronger connection with their audience

People are getting speaking gigs because they are seen as an expert

Consultants are getting more clients (without cold calling) because their audience already knows, likes, and trusts them

What Others Are Saying About This Course

Before I enrolled into Dave Jackson’s School of Podcasting, I wanted to do a podcast but I had no idea how to make it happen.

Dave took our small class step by step through the process. He covered:

  • Planning the show
  • What equipment I needed to get started
  • How to pull together the content
  • How to record my show
  • How to upload my podcast to iTunes and other services

He gave some great insight into how to monetize the podcast along with some really realistic expectations on what the kind of money would  short term and long term.

I really liked the way Dave gave economical options to get things done because I end to go overboard. Dave’s recommendations help me keep a level head on what I was spending.

I thoroughly love producing my show, and thanks to Dave Jackson and the School of Podcasting they helped me get my start. If you’d like to hear the results of Dave’s coaching check out my show at 

Raymond Gooch

President, Spectrum Career

Have You Ever Had a Gift You Couldn’t Wait to Give?

Have you ever had a gift that you couldn’t wait to give someone? Why is that?

Because you KNOW they’re going to love the gift!

How do you know this? Because you know THEM. 

That is what we are going to do with your podcast. We will know your audience, genre, niche, and resources so well that we will be chomping at the bit to give them the gift of your podcast.

Your Time Is To Valuable to Waste

You will go through the most thorough podcast planning course on the Internet. We will identify your audience, their needs, our strengths, and how you can create content that will positively impact your audience. By understanding what they want, you can give them what they need.

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The Partnership Starts 3/5/2016 at 2 PM

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Week 1 Planning Your Podcast
You will go through and identify your target audience, what their needs are, and where they are. You will begin identify the best content for your audience, as well as your strength as a podcast host. You and Dave will work together sharing a spreadsheet of resources specifically created about YOUR Show.
Week 2: Your Podcast Plan
Using what we learned in week 1, we research and identify a name and website as well as the format of your show. We will look into organizing the flow of information coming to you and look at tools to increase you efficiency in producing episodes.
Week 3: Getting the Right Equipment
Don’t spend $1600 on equipment you don’t need. This week we will work on what we learned the previous week and make sure you get the best equipment for the right price.
Week 4: Your Podcast Website
We will secure your domain and hosting and go over how to manage your own website using WordPress. We will also explore tools for your graphics and logos.
Week 5 Recording Your Episodes
Now we will walk through the tasks of plugging everything in, recording your voice, creating mp3 files, adding id3 tags and getting them ready for the world. In addition we will talk about having information for episodes come to you automatically, and how to organize your information to increase efficiency in producing your show.
Week 6 Launching And Promoting Your Show
Now that you have all the pieces together, it’s time to launch your show and get it listed in the top podcast directories like iTunes, Stitcher, and Tune In.
Monthly Follow Ups
Each month you and your fellow students will get together with Dave to compare notes, and focus on promoting your show, and preparing to monetize (if desired). These monthly follow ups will continue for 10 months to keep you on track, and to share your victories, and help you avoid the podcasting pitfalls.

Benefits of Podcasting

Because you have a podcast, you will be seen as an expert. This may lead to being asked to speak at events. For every 2000 blogs, there is 1 podcast so it is easier to stand out.
While a radio station is only as strong as the signal, podcasting is global. While television and main stream media may not be interested in your topics, you can reach a global audience with your message. 
As there is no spam in podcasting, the people who like your show will be your community. You will find you are NOT the only person that thinks a certain way, and the like-minded individuals will flock to your podcast
When you deliver value in your show on a regular basis you are seen as a trusted friend. When you have a product, people will want to support you by purchasing it. The law of reciprocity kicks in and because they know like and trust you, they will purchase your product. Don’t have a product, you can earn commissions selling other people’s products.
If your show doesn’t fit into selling products, you can use services like Patreon to ask your audience for support. The No Agenda Show has people donate 1000s of dollars per episode.
There are tips and tools you can use to drive traffic back to your website using podcast
Many podcasters get access to people they would NEVER be able to talk you, but because they have a podcast they can interview people, and get access to events.
katg_brandingBy having a time shifted conversation with your audience you can better understand them (and potentially future customers). When you bring value you, they trust you and become your brand advocates. Keith and Girl’s audience has actually had their logo BRANDED on to them (as well as tattoos).

What You Get

Weeks 1 – 6

Starting Saturday March 5th at 2 PM EST you will meet with Dave and the other students to walk through the podcasting process You will also have an additional one on one coaching call with Dave Jackson (typically post 6 PM EST, but I’ll try to be flexible) each week.

Monthly Follow Ups

Once the initial launch is over we will host a monthly meeting with all the students, and each student will have a one on one coaching session.

Personalized Attention

Dave will be researching your topic right along with you. You will be sharing a spreadsheet to help map out your podcast plan.

Who Is This For?

This program isn’t for the person wants to turn on a microphone and chat with their friends and put that audio out. This course is not for the person who wants to start a podcast and quit their day job in six weeks as that is an unrealistic expectation.  This course is designed for people who either want to promote a product or business, spread their message (if they are a non-profit), or want to get into podcasting knowing it will eventually be more than a hobby. We will spend a considerable amount of time researching our target audience, and what they need from you. Your podcast will be like a well researched gift guaranteed to bring a smile to your listener’s faces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be present for the meetings? While it is not 100% needed (as you will get recordings of the meeting) it is strongly recommended to get the most out of the sessions. Will I Need to Purchased Equipment? If you have recording equipment that produces a quality of audio that does not distract from the listening experience, you will not need to purchase additional equipment. If you have no equipment, you will need to purchase the equipment you need (and ONLY the things you need). I will coach you in regards to what is the best fit for you and your budget.


Private Slack Group

We have a private slack group (free software) geared towards group communication (with the ability to privately send messages).

Access To the School of Podcasting

You will have full access to all the tutorials at the School of Podcasting. ($799 Value)

More Podcast Money eBook ($7 Value)

More Podcast Money is the original book on how to make money utilizing the relationship you develop through you podcast.

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The Partnership Starts 3/5/2016 at 2 PM

Register Today